BrightSuite for Property Management

Access, control and video solutions. Get a custom quote from BrightSuite that works for your business and your residents.

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Access Control and Video Solutions for All of Your Properties

Multifamily Housing

Vacation Rentals

Corporate Housing

Your Residents Want Smart Apartments

  • Keyless & Secure Living
  • Real Energy Savings & Control
  • Easier Maintenance and Vendor Management

And You Can Save Time and Money

Managing dozens or even hundreds of units in multiple locations is easier when they're all connected and accessible in one place. Grant entry to prospective renters for viewing properties. Know who has arrived and when it's safe to lock the unit down upon their departure.

Control for you and your residents

BrightSuite functions from a centralized hub giving you the ability to do everything from manage lock codes to setting thermostats based on your business hours.

At your discretion, control is also provided to employees so they can take control of their lighting, locks and thermostats enhancing the value they place on their jobs.

Card Readers

Secure all of your entrances, exits and vistors with our powerful access control platform that integrates with your Property Mangement software.

Common Area Security

Remotely monitor and protect all common areas of your building including leasing office, mail room, and bike storage.

Video Surveillance

Keep eyes on your property with our remote video monitoring. When paired with access control it means you have record of every person entering and exiting your property.

Keyless Entry

Rekeying is a thing of the past with keyless locks that allow your tenants to come and go with the tap of a button.

Learn how BrightSuite can help you build smart homes.

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